Pan American Produce’s watermelons start the season in South Florida just in time for the spring, then we follow the prime domestic growing seasons through Florida, Georgia, Delaware, and back to Florida for Fall Melons. 

Watermelon Availability follows the following regions:

  • Florida - April through July

  • Georgia - June through July

  • South Carolina - July through September

  • Indiana - July through September

  • Florida (Fall Crop) - October through November

  • Mexico - December through May

  • Offshore (Honduras and Guatemala) - February through May

Pan American Produce watermelons are so sweet and delicious, our watermelons are sized just the way you need them packed, always seedless and available year-round. Packed full of Vitamins A and C; they are nutritious, have zero fat and no cholesterol. These field grown watermelon offer fantastic flavor, a sweet aroma.

Storing and Handling Guidelines

  • Watermelon stored at 50 to 60 °F with a relative humidity of 90% will be acceptable for up to 3 weeks. 

  • Watermelons held in dry storage below 75 °F will have approximate shelf life of up to 10 days. If dry storage temperatures are above 75 °F, shelf life will decline to 5 days. At temperatures between 32 and 45 °F, watermelons are subject to chilling injury that may result in pitting, off-flavors, and color loss. 

  • Watermelons may become mushy and shelf life may be reduced when exposed to ethylene gas producing fruit such as apples, stone fruits, and grapes. 

  • Store watermelons at 41 °F or below for up to 24 hours prior to cutting to reduce the amount of time is takes

  • Whole melons with visible signs of decay or damaged rinds (such as mechanical damage or cracking) have an increased risk of containing harmful bacteria.

  • Wash the outer surface of the watermelon thoroughly under cool, running tap water. Scrub melons with a clean produce brush before cutting. Cut away any bruised or damaged areas before serving.

  • Cover, date, and refrigerate cut watermelon. Use by the following day for best quality.

  • Hold and serve watermelon at 41 °F. Do not store cut watermelon at room temperature. If possible, display cut melons in a refrigerated case, not just on top of ice. Take and record serving line temperatures.

  • Discard cut watermelon after 2 hours in the temperature danger zone (41 °F to 135 °F)