Our mission here is simple:

Provide the freshest, safest, highest quality watermelon. 

Pack and ship watermelon quickly. We operate packinghouses close to all of our farms and growing regions. Thus, once the watermelon is harvested it is brought to our packinghouse within hours to be packed and shipped.

Plant what our customers need. Pan American Produce started by asking what qualities were most important to our customers and growing fruit that matched those needs. We've searched for only the best seed and the best growers and and the rest is history. 

Promise it and perfect it. Our passion for perfection and quality provides our customers with only the best watermelon. 

The Pan American Produce difference stems from strict growing practices and harvesting fruit at its peak to ensure you get the quality you deserve. The result is a company focused on the goal of providing only the best tasting watermelon. 

Our Core Values

  • Grow the highest quality produce

  • Communicate at all levels

  • Create respectful partnerships

  • Care about our local communities

  • Exceed our customer's expectations

  • Constantly evolve